Albert Carey Martin (1879 – 1960) was an American architect and engineer. He founded the architectural firm of Albert C. Martin & Associates, now known as A.C. Martin Partners, which has become one of the most prestigious architectural firms in southern California. He is known for his work on buildings throughout the greater Los Angeles area including St. Monica Catholic Church, St. Vincent’s Catholic Church, the Thomas Higgins Building, and, perhaps most famously, Los Angeles City Hall.

He formed his own firm in 1906, and in 1917, he received his first major commission – the Million Dollar Theater building. For the auditorium of the theater, he designed the world’s first ever cantilevered balcony made from reinforced concrete. In 1959, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce recognized Martin for his contributions to the development of Los Angeles, and awarded him the “Man of Achievement” award. One of his many achievements was the development of a system that allowed for the construction of reinforced concrete.

Albert C. Martin died at age 80 in Los Angeles. The firm he founded, now known as A.C. Martin Partners, has continued as one of the city’s leading architectural firms.

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